Measurements of intracrater flow dynamics utilizing a mound-bearing crater in a refractive index matched environment


  • Diego George Gundersen University of Notre Dame
  • Kenneth Christensen University of Notre Dame; Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Gianluca Blois University of Notre Dame



The processes controlling crater mound formation are the subject of ongoing research (Bennett and Bell III, 2016). Several theories exist on the formation of a central mound, with those pointing to wind processes as the predominant driving mechanisms being among the most compelling (Kite et al., 2013; Day et al., 2016; Anderson and Day, 2017). Few experimental studies have been conducted to uncover impact crater driven flow dynamics. As such, direct and experimental flow measurements that could be used to validate previously developed fluid-topography interaction theories are not yet available. The objective of this study is to elucidate the intra- and extra-crater circulation induced by unidirectional winds using experimentation on scaled models coupled with high spatial and temporal resolution flow measurements.






Environmental Flows