Investigation of the shear-layer instabilities in supersonic impinging jets using dual-time velocity measurements


  • Tushar Sikroria University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Julio Soria Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Australia
  • Shahram Karami Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Australia
  • Richard Sandberg University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Andrew Ooi University of Melbourne, Australia



supersonic impinging jet, double-PIV measurements, shear-layer dynamics, time-unresolved


Motivated by applications in the propulsion industry, the fundamental study of phase-locked shear-layer instabilities in supersonic impinging jets has been of research interest for long time. While such flows have been experimentally investigated in various research studies using time-unresolved particle image velocimetry (PIV) techniques, the understanding of the shear-layer dynamics is limited, due to the absence of temporal information. Time-resolved PIV measurements for high-speed flows require a large bandwidth, which is challenging to achieve with the current state of technology. An alternate approach using time-unresolved double-PIV measurements is presented in the current study, which provides multiple samples of dual-time data, depicted in figure 1. Such data can be obtained using two co-visual PIV systems, triggered at a user-selectable time-offset, ∆t. As shown by Sikroria et al. (2020), the application of techniques like dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) on time-unresolved dual-time data provides valuable information about the flow structures governing the shear-layer instabilities. The experimental setup for such measurements in supersonic impinging jets, followed by the determination of the relevant dynamical flow structures from the data, will be presented in the conference.






Jets, Shear Layers and Wakes