An experimental investigation on stall flutter over a vertically mounted rigid finite wing


  • Renan Francisco Soares University of Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Ilyas Karasu Adana Alparslan Turkes Science and Technology University, Turkey
  • Bharath Ganapathisubramani University of Southampton, United Kingdom



Aeroelasticity, wind tunnel, PTV, Shake-the-box, loads


As stall flutter has relevant engineering implications, such as in blades of wind turbine and HALE (highaltitude long-endurance aircraft). This work presents the experimental investigation of rigid wing setup in a closed-circuit wind tunnel having 2.1 m × 1.5 m test section. The experimental campaign reached stable and symmetrical LCO within the freestream range from 9 m/s up to 14 m/s (1.69 × 105 < Re < 2.63 × 105 ). Two techniques were used for position tracking: one mechatronic and one image-based. The latter used ‘shakethe-box’ method applied to a body, which has proven a successful approach as a non-intrusive tool.

Author Biography

Renan Francisco Soares, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

PhD in Aerospace, Aerodynamicist and Research Fellow at University of Southampton, UK. Has been researching Applied Aerodynamics, particularly in automotive and aeronautics applications.






3D Methods and Applications