Particle pair statistics of inertial particles at small separation using stereoscopic particle tracking


  • Davis W. Hoffman Stanford University
  • John K. Eaton Stanford University



Particle pair statistics of inertial particles having average Stokes numbers of 2.1 and 14 are measured in isotropic turbulence at a Reynolds number of Reλ = 240. The radial distribution function (RDF) and mean relative approach velocity are obtained at small separation distances using 2-frame stereoscopic particle tracking velocimetry (stereo-PTV). At small separation distance, the RDF varies by an order of magnitude in the range of Stokes numbers investigated. However, the mean relative approach velocity is found to have a weak dependence on Stokes number. The results are shown to have high accuracy when compared to analogous mono-PTV datasets, and can be used to provide a more reliable estimate of the inter-particle collision rate. The main limitation of the measurement is observed at separation distances less than the laser sheet thickness, where the technique tended to underestimate the mean relative approach velocity.






3D Methods and Applications